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Asphalt Paver





Track Width
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*Measurements are in millimeters (mm) for Industrial Tracks, measurements are in inches (in) for Agricultural & Paver Tracks.


GTW manufactures our Tank Tuff™ paver rubber tracks for asphalt paving machines. Our paver rubber tracks fit most major brands of pavers like Blaw Knox, CAT, Cedar Rapids, RoadTec, and Volvo. Our smooth paver rubber tracks are designed as replacements for OEM tracks, and are suitable for most tracked paver machines. Over 20 years of work has been put into the production and distribution of our paver rubber tracks, and we are confident our fantastic team will deliver you the right tracks fast, wherever you are located in North America. Our “steel guard” internal cable system is designed with high tensile strength 6.5mm main cable, which exceed OEM standards, meaning you are getting better quality. The additional 4 layers of steel cable mesh help to prevent stretching, tearing, distortion, and punctures in your paver tracks, giving you peace of mind knowing you have a product designed to last. Our one-step moulding process make a stronger adhesion of the guide blocks to the main carcass. The increased adhesion strength prevents the guide blocks from separating from the carcass. We developed our premium rubber compounds to prevent cuts and tears. In addition to the one-step molding process, the premium rubber compounds strengthen the guide blocks to the carcass. Additional rubber reinforcement has been added to the idler wheel, midroller, and drive wheel path. With warehouses in Idaho, Illinois, New Jersey, and Tennessee, we can get you back on track in no time!


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